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    Lightbulb Don't Be That Guy/Gal....

    Ladies, Gentlemen...When you are on our website you have 3 opportunities to see our payment options.

    1. Listed under "Information"
    2. When you check out you must check mark a box acknowledging you have read it
    3. In your order confirmation email (we are aware we are black-listed by yahoo at the moment for some reason)

    PLEASE do not email us asking what our payment options are, do we take any other form of payment, if tracking is provided etc etc. All your answers are there. It becomes VERY frustrating for us to stop and answer these types of emails when we took the time to put the information on the website for you. We will no longer respond to these types of emails. Help your self 1st.

    Web: AlphaOmegaLabs.co
    Email: [email protected]

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    Hahahahaha FUCKING CLASSIC hahahahaha .....now what are my options

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    Protein shake went right out the nose!

    AlphaOmegaLabs Rep! - AlphaOmegaLabs.Co
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    Wickr- Nsane504

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    uhhhhhh. Kids today

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