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    Deload is done!! Ended last Friday. Last two lifts have been back to all out. I def needed it.
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    Well said B. You have me convinced. Test and DHB would be such a nice cruise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Berserker View Post
    Taking my calories up to 4200 this week.

    Just wanted to update on the DHB too. I chose this compound because of the "tren like" abilities without the sides and I can say that it was a great decision. Aside from some elevated night sweats and some light sweating during the day I have had no noticeable sides at all. Just solid strength, solid endurance, great vascularity and muscle hardness and density are steadily climbing. I highly recommend DHB to anyone that can't deal with the sides of tren. Granted, it will never be Tren but I feel good saying it's a definite alternative
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    Sweet mother of God. That one was rough. I had to have my ole lady help pull my shirt and hoodie off after this one.

    Lean Bulk Week 7
    John Meadows "the executioner" week 7

    Chest and Shoulders

    Machine Press
    Warm Ups: 6x180, 6x200
    Working sets: 3x6x210

    BB Bench Press
    Warm Ups: 8x165, 8x185, 8x205
    Working Sets: 3x8x225

    Incline BB Bench
    Warm Ups: 6x145, 6x160, 6x175, 6x185
    Working Sets: 3x6x185

    Db Flies
    Working Sets: 3x12x40

    Db Side Laterals
    Warm Ups: 10x20, 10x30
    Working Sets: 3x12x35

    Rear Delt Flies
    Working Sets: 3x20x25

    Db Press
    Working Sets: 3x12x65
    *every rep 5 second negatives*

    Db Overhead Press
    Working Sets: 3x10x35
    *my arms were toast here. I was surprised I was even pushing 35's for these lol*

    BB Shrugs
    Working Sets: 4x10x150
    *stay steady, don't let the bar draw you forward to your toes. 2 second iso for each lift*

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    Oh, man! I like the ones where you gotta have help with the shirt. Hopefully you won’t be too sore tomorrow!!! Good stuff, bro!

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