For the last few years I have been playing around with blends. My goal was to make a blend with max pain relief with max mood boost with slight energy increase. I don't like the jittery feeling of some Kratom so it took a while to find the exact blend and ratios. Its a special Halloween orange blend. Very strong pain killer and mood booster that can be taken during the day or evenings. Almost every day for the last year I make a single dose for the morning. I bought a large mixer today and have been working on a small batch the last few hours and its done!
Introducing our New Orange House Blend!

NEW Special Halloween Orange Blend

NEW Special Halloween Orange Blend 250 ****s (8.8 ounces) ***Our Private House Blend***

Very small batch specially blended. Limited supplies. The perfect balance of mood boosting and pain relief with mild energy. Daytime or evening blend. This batch was bio tested at the end of Sept 2018. Clean, potent and very fine grind Kratom.

Don't forget your discount code mace 15 for 15% off. This is an incredible blend. With limited supplies. Jump on this orange blend now! You will be sorry if you miss this!