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    Exclamation One Day Only (31 October 2018)! A Halloween Promo so good it's scary!

    One day only -- Halloween (31 October 2018) -- we are going all out with some exciting promo news!

    Basicstero is adding the awesome
    buy $700 and get $700 FREE!
    buy $500 get $400 Free
    opportunities to the last day of the International warehouse cryptocurrency promotion.

    Act fast and plan your order because this offer will only be valid for one day, during Oct 31st, 2018.
    but remember you get up to 6 days to pay in our international warehouse.
    By this I mean, you do NOT have to pay immediately; you may order that day to take advantage of the promo without having to actually pay at that time; your prices, promo, and items are locked in (reserved for you) for 6 day until you are able to make payment.

    Conditions are as follows:

    Pay with bitcoin or another accepted cryptocurrency and get the following freebies:

    $700 worth of FREE products for orders over $700!
    $400 worth of FREE products for orders over $500.
    $200 worth of FREE products for orders over $300.
    $90 worth of FREE products for orders over $200.
    $35 worth of FREE products for orders over $100.

    Detailed instructions are available on our site during the ordering process, just sign in and start ordering!
    For those who are not familiar with bitcoin yet, we have a detailed how-to with screenshots: https://int.basicstero.ws/index/bitcoin

    Please NOTE - promotion terms and conditions:
    *If seized, only the main paid items are reshipped but NOT the free bonus items.
    *HGH does not participate as a bonus option in this promotion.
    *Unfortunately, we cannot afford to provide both the cart discounts and free bonus items together; therefore, you have two separate option during the promotion:
    1. You can pick up free bonus items from this list within our promo. In this case you get free promo items chosen, but no discounts will be applied to your order.
    2. You can choose to retain the cart discounts (if you have any), but without promo items; In this case please don't choose any free bonus items and just click on "Skip" during the promotion options step of checkout. You won't get free bonus items, but if you have any discounts in your cart, your order total will be discounted (for example, 10% bitcoin discount will be applied only if you don`t choose free bonus items). All discounts may be summed up to a max limit of 40% off. More info about how to get the highest discount you can find in our DISCOUNTS section.

    Take advantage and stock up on the BEST gear in the world!

    Enjoy a happy Halloween,
    basicstero crew

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