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    Cool 15 days of clen - 11lb down (PICTURES) + Review


    Top: 198lb
    Bottom: 187lb

    Don't give me too much shit for my physique. I come from a 110lb skeleton with horrible genetics. So I have quite a bit of a journey behind me.

    The first picture is about 10 weeks old when I just came off tren. At first glance it looks subjectively better to me because my delts have been fading away since.
    In the second picture I'm obviously depleted and flat. I honestly don't really like this look. But that's what you have to go through on a cut. Once my bf is where I want it to be and I fill up, I'm sure I'll be pretty happy.
    Most noticeable is the loss of fat on my love handles. It's the first place I gain weight and the last place it stays on. Pretty happy with the progress here.
    I just bumped my test from 500mg to 2g a week, three weeks ago. So it's way too early for that to be visible here. The effects of adrol which I finished also around three weeks ago have faded due to the lack of carbs and 3 hours cardio a week, too.

    I didn't love the entirety of 11lb during the last 15 days, but probably 7-8 which is still impressive as hell. Especially with the amount of energy I have on such low calories.

    Credits go to ugfreak for carrying BP clen. Not many places have it and his prices are great. So definitely consider checking him out!

    Below is my review for UGFREAK:

    Ugfreak had their website under construction, so I had to order through email. Which works just as easy and fast. A really responsive and friendly guy!

    Very, very fast T/A. Packaging is always on point.

    Items ordered:
    Balkan Clenbuterol 40mcg
    SP Masteron
    Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350 (promo)

    I tried clen before in the past. But I couldn't stand it. I was some research labs stuff which definitely wasn't dosed correctly. Either I felt nothing or my hands were shaking like crazy and my heart felt like exploding. Because I read so many great things about balkan and really love their sust as well as the products from SP, I decided to give it another try.

    I'm glad I did! I have incredible energy, and lost a lot of body fat in a very short amount of time. Hands do shake every time I up the dose but I don't get that uncomfortable fast heart beat which I really couldn't stand. I'm now at 160mcg per day. That's probably the most I will run and the highest dose which still is somewhat comfortable. You could take 80-120mcg and except from having more energy and losing fat fast, not experience many sides.
    But I want to see how much I can run and still feel good. That's probably 160mcg. I know you're supposed to do 2 weeks on and 2 off but I also take T3 and run 2g of test which some people debate upregulates your receptors. So I will just stay on until I run out. My protocol to this day was:
    Day 1-2: 20mcg
    Day 3-4: 40mcg
    Day 5-6: 60mcg
    Day 7-8: 80mcg
    Day 9-10: 100mcg
    Day 11-12: 120mcg
    Day 13-14: 140mcg
    Day 15-16: 160mcg

    The Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350 is also a great product. PIP is slightly less than from the similar product from Para Pharma. And the oil is also slightly thinner. I really like it!
    As I said before I'm on 2g of test a week. Which makes two things important. High dosing and little PIP. It's already annoying injecting such huge amounts of oil. With 350mg/ml and not much PIP it is a lot easier to deal with.
    I can only recommend going with DP as it's such a nice and smooth product. Really no reason to go with lower dosages per ml unless you're crusing. But even then. Just put less in your syringe and save a few bucks.

    Oddly enough 350mg of mast is enough for me to keep my estro in check. It always worked great for me as a substitute to asin. Even on deca or npp I only had little sides to deal with. Definitely very strong for such a low dosage that I take.
    Never was a fan of mast to be honest but the overall well being and the awesome look my shoulders get with SP is very pleasing.

    Overall one of the best sources I came across. Great products from awesome labs. And very reliable in communication and customer support.

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    Not bad at all keep it up ....join us in our log subforum and create a log ....nothin crazy or professional just a little journal ...

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    I appreciate it! I will as soon as I have my hands on some new orals. That makes for a much more interesting log!

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    160mcg ED will damage your heart

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    I already went down to 120mcg. I doubt 160mcg will do much damage over a short period of time. But it's quite stressful to be that energized the whole day and with such shaky hands it's hard to get by your day job without anybody noticing lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by HughJassol View Post
    160mcg ED will damage your heart
    Agreed. 80-100mcg is about the most I like... especially if coupled with ketotifen or diphenhydramine.

    A while back I found out through an echocardiogram that I had some mild enlargement of my left ventricle..fixed it right up with some propranolol

    Sorry for the bump lol

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