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    Methyl-Tren (injection) review

    There is a quite interesting review going on other major forum on this product - http://sciroxxonline.com/domestic-sc...olone-mt1.html

    It's done by Mike Arnold who is considered a GURU for steroids,

    I'll share with you his reports, his reviews are detailed, interesting and based on vast knowledge and experience

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    Starting few weeks ago ...

    Everyone is aware that M-Tren is the most potent AAS on the market today, but its toxicity has largely prevented it from entering the steroid limelight. Initially, we were told that this steroid was so toxic that it couldn't be used at all...and then, when it did hit the market, it was dosed at miniscule quantities of just 250-500 mcg (micrograms, not milligrams) per day. Furthermore, it was normally only used pre-training.

    While some claimed to have very good results with this protocol, most reviews were less than impressive.

    Over the next few years we began to see higher doses used (on occasion), which were accompanied by much better results.

    Based on my experiences over the years, I believe that while M-tren is certainly mote toxic than other methyls, it is NOT so toxic that its use must be limited to 500 mcg-1 mg/day.

    Therefore I am going to document my rat's experience with the following...

    M-Tren: 4 mg/day (2 mg in am/ 2 mg in pm)

    Duration: 3-4 weeks

    In addition to employing a more substantial dose than what we've become accustomed to seeing, I believe the 2X daily dosing schedule is important part of this experiment when it comes to determining what this steroid is actually capable of doing. Using a steroid only pre-workout, while helpful, does not in any way provide us with a reliable picture of its true muscle building potential, as such programs only maintain active blood levels of the chosen drug for a small portion of the week--less than 25%, on average. Would one inject test suspension on a schedule that only allowed it to remain active for 1/4 of the week...and then make a judgment call regarding its muscle building potency on such a severely restricted schedule? No one would do that, so I won't do that here.

    Again, there is nothing wrong with pre-training only use, as such programs can end up being ideal for many people depending on their circumstances and goals, but there is no doubt that they are from from ideal when it comes to coaxing maximum gains out of any AAS.

    My rat will be using liver support during this cycle, although my suspicion is that a 4 mg daily dose of m-Tren is no more toxic than 20-30 mg of SD per day. Being that such doses of SD are handled relatively easily by the liver, I don't expect my rat to encounter any issues...although if I find otherwise, I will present my findings to the board.

    Up until this point, I can't recall ANYONE providing this kind of thorough feedback for M-tren, in which blood levels were maintained throughout the week with high doses and for an extended period of time.

    I predict that my rat's liver enzymes will be only moderately elevated at best (maybe slightly above moderate, but not severe) and that it's gains will range anywhere from good to outstanding. Keep in mind that we all have different goals. Some are more interested in size acquisition, while others will be looking more for sheer strength. Some other will just want to improve their overall appearance.

    Therefore, I will provide my opinion on how I believe this steroid performs in all of the commonly noted categories. At the end, I will give my final opinion of this drug...and determine what I think it is best suited for. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, I will compare its effects to other known drugs/combinations of drugs...and ultimately determine if it earns a potential place in the physique-strength world, or if other drugs can provide similar effects with less risk. Will M-Tren used in this way offer unique benefits not found anywhere else, or will it present unacceptable safety risks in exchange for benefits that can be found elsewhere with less risk?

    We'll see.

    I am starting tonight.

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