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    Critique my next cycle workout / nutrition please

    Gearing up for the next cycle, here's what I'm targeting ... Would love any feedback as I'm always learning.

    Shooting for 6 days on, one day off: Legs/Push/Pull. I eat super clean, except for one cheat day a week. Also doing cardio (30 mins bike zone 3) 2-3x a week.

    I weigh ~170lbs @ 12% BF right now.

    Daily Nutrients
    +10-15% caloric maintenance
    200g protein

    Squat 5x10
    DB Lunges 4x20 (10 each leg)
    Leg Extensions 5x12
    Romanian Deadlift 5x10
    Leg Curl 4x12-20
    Standing Calf Raise 8x12-20

    Barbell Bench Press 5x10-12
    Incline Bench Press 5x10-12
    Flat/Incline DB Press 5x10-12
    Decline Simulate Cable Fly 4x10-12
    Rope Tricep Extension Drop Set 4x12-20
    Close Grip Bench 3x10
    Delts (cables or DB) 4x10-12

    Pull Up 4x10
    Bent Over Barbell Row 5x10-12
    One Arm DB Row 4x10
    Seated Cable Row 4x-12
    Barbell Bicep Curl 4x10
    Static Dumbell Curl 4x10
    Incline Dumbell Curl 4x10
    Standing Hammer Curl 4x10
    Standing Rope Curls Drop Set 3x10

    Note: I don't always keep the same exact routine every workout. I try to move the exercises around so I'm not doing things in the same order every time (something I learned from the Arnold bible). Not sure how effective that really is.

    Any advice / critique from the more experienced would be super helpful. Thanks!

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    Hi SkinnyNerd...what are your goals you want to achieve in this cycle?
    Take care.

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    Hey Mad_Scientist, trying to put on as much mass as possible.

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    I assumed you meant an AAS cycle lol,

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