Hexadex 450

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Product Name: Hexadex 450
Substance: 20mg Testosterone Acetate

30mg Testosterone Propionate

50mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate

90mg Testosterone Enanthate

95mg Testosterone Cypionate

165mg Testosterone Undecanoate

Content: 10ml vial / 450 mg /1ml
Manufacturer: Sciroxx laboratories

The Hexadex 450 is an innovetive testosterones. It contains a matrix of 6 testosterone esters (20mg test acetate, 30mg test prop, 50mg test phenylprop, 90mg test E, 95mg test C, 165mg test undecanoate). This blend is formulated to ensure optimal pharmacokinetics traits, optimum absorption and stable test concentration, and poses faster acting and longer lasting effective effect then any other testosterone blend introduced to the markets.