Just a heads up but after some reading, I decided to give Radiate + (RXS) a try as I enjoy thermogenic fat burners. In the past I've used DNP (Heretic if anyone remembers the OG of DNP) but i'm not in a position to light myself completely on fire anymore. Anyway I was looking around for a DNP light if you will and found Radiate +. So far i'm about 2 weeks in and enjoying it a lot.

I'm taking 3/4 scoop twice a day and the heat usually kicks in after 30 min or so. The stim effects kicks in a little faster and the best part is there's no hard crash like other stims. I'm also running Yohimine HCL with it at 20mg/day and a low dose of DMZ to preserve muscle and minimize shutdown before i run a lean mass cycle for the summer. So far I've lost an inch off the waist and remained the same weight.