To those that are new, welcome to SpartaPharmaUSA.

Every week, we hold a lottery for 1 free product of your choosing.

This week's lottery, has officially turned into a challenge.

What's the challenge?
Blood work from your winnings!

What's on the line?
500 store credit for the first set of uncapped bloods posted in this subforum.

Lottery rules are this simple.

Post below in the comment section the word BLOOD AND A PHOTO OF YOUR BICEP.

The fancier the photo, the better your chances.

So, you win product in the lottery, you pull bloods SP pays you.

1st UNCAPPED bloods ran $500 credit

2nd UNCAPPED bloods ran $400 credit

3rd UNCAPPED bloods ran $300 credit

Every bloods ran from now until infinity after big credits are claimed: $100 credit

Blood work regiments are necessary for our hobby participation so why not benefit twice?

I do ask that those that enter follow through with bloods.

Either way you will always be met with dignity and respect and I promise you that.

So, photo of that badass bicep and blood work=credit... That's it MS!!

Judges are not exempt from winnings and credit in the Race To Red Edition to the Lottery!!