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I've never ONCE trolled a source until now; what I started with certainly wasn't trolling as I never wrote anything that could be considered trolling, but your responses were condescending. You should expect people to second guess your gear; that's why you have it tested like BBBG just said.

Also, your web site doesn't strike me as professional as you're staying you are. They are misspellings and simple grammatical errors. Even if English isn't your first language, (don't know if it would be German or Spanish at this point) these errors make you appear unprofessional. No testing makes you appear as if you don't care or are simply too scared to. Also, if this were another board, "M&S - August 2019" would have to wrote on a piece of paper and held up to even prove that lab is yours. Who knows if that photo is even your lab.
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CL13 is making a good point and the ball is now in your court. Work with your sponsor to get this all cleaned up to everyone’s satisfaction.
Was Achilles post missed?? This wasn't only directed at Bullrush and Pomp's, you guys are just continuing to stir the shit here and it needs to stop. Pomp's has not been proven to be less than quality other than some BS Jano testing. I wouldn't trust that guys to test out my dogs food and tell me the purity. Did you all forget how Jano tried to come on here with total disrespect before we ran his ass off? The guys been called out on other forums as a scammer and hell BOP of all places recently threw his ass off....kinda tells you something about Jano doesn't it?

We are for sure a members forum but we also require some REAL proof before throwing a sponsor off. Case and point, the entire Gear Church situation with myself and 3 sets of bad labs and even then they didn't catch as much shit as Pomp's is getting right now. In fact everyone stood up for them and I caught more BS than they did both here and other forums, until others stepped up with low results on the same products. What makes that situation any different other than I had proof of bad product 3 times over and my own money spent to prove it? Where were you guys at then and why didn't anyone reem his ass? Guess he was a cool guy and gave out freebies so its all good right? Stop the BS until there is proof and if proven I'll gladly show them the door myself.

Do either of you want to test out Pomp's gear in a legit manor? In fact is there any member here that wants to test out the products? I'll gladly do it but everyone knows me and Bullrush are cool so honestly my testing doesn't really hold water in this situation.