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    Zinc - Its Critical

    Zinc is a critical mineral for many biological processes. This study in rats shows how a zinc-deficient diet can affect androgen binding, aromatization and conversion to DHT. This study fed rats either a deficiency or surplus of Zinc through diet and had some pretty significant results. This study showed that testosterone binding, conversion to DHT and overall number of androgen sites were all lower in the zinc deficiency diet. There was a 20-40% reduction in total androgen receptor count, as well as a 40-60% increase in estrogen receptor count. Interestingly, these rats also had a higher rate of aromatization vs the zinc surplus group. There was also a lower levels of LH in the zinc deficient group. Also worth mentioning, Zinc is needed for the function of the enzymes 3beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 17beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. These enzymes are critical to formation of androgens to be active, as well as conversion of certain prohormones to active androgens. Zinc is a much needed mineral and should be taken everyday by males and females who weight train. I recommend highly bioavailable versions on zinc like amino acid chelates and not metal oxides like ZnO. Daily doses should be around 40mg(yielded zinc), but hard-training athletes might require higher doses. The toxicity levels of Zinc are around 20g per day.

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    I take bulletproof Zinc / Copper combo.

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    Saw the Guerrilla Chemist post something like this

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