My wife is a genetics freak. Combined with Primo and Anavar, she's crazy built. Her body loves those two compounds. You can see her in member photos under muscle freak wife. Thats her... Question; we have tried several things in order for her to keep as much of her gains as possible. She keeps a fair amount after a cycle, but still loses more than she likes. What do you guys recommend for maximum gains kept regarding a female? I have received lots of advice, but none really took and much of the advice has been conflicting. What about a cruise for females, and if so, what would you recommend she cruise on and at what doses? She just finished a light cycle of 10mgs of Anavar daily, with 100mgs a week of Primo E. Any higher doses and she becomes too freakin huge, and trust me, shes already She Hulk!! Her body loved this last low dose cycle and she hates to lose the gains and strength. All input is greatly appreciated as always!!