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    Like Jtip said, Put Your Head In The Freezer , No More Cough !!!
    It seems like almost Everytime I pin Tren , I get the cough.
    But a Very Slow Pin and the freezer thing, and I’m good !!!

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    Last tren cycle I did was a longer cycle and I managed to make it all the way with no cough. I aspirated every time and pretty much just got lucky. That said I doubt I ever run tren again, even though my sides were low it was rough on my body. It took almost a year to get my liver enzymes back to normal. They were only slightly high but still I was concerned.

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    Yeah, its murder on the liver and blood. I just had lab results come back on bloodwork. Me and the doc almost shit!! Im giving blood once a week now to get rid of all the bad shit it did to me. Its a hard drug for sure!!

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    coughed so hard once i fell over.

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    I have heard if you take aspirin an hour before using tren it will negate tren cough. I cannot confirm true or false.

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