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    Been laid up. Back/shoulder surgery.

    Was just released to start training again. Lost soooo much size and strength. Have an new cool 7 inch scar on my back though. Lol. Thank the lord above no cancer though. Just a huge mass overlyeing my lat and shoulder blade.... and when I mean huge I mean 5 pounds of shit... Onward and upward. Recovery and training are going to be slow. No goals as of now. Just to get back on the iron. Will update this as I go. Going in slow tonight for an arm workout.

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    Keep at it!! Ive had two MAJOR shoulder surgeries since March 2018!! Serious injuries! Its takes time but muscle memory does exist.

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    They call it the road to success cause you can always follow it back. Goodluck!

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    Check your ego at the door, take it slow when returning to the gym , and be sure to listen to what your body is telling you. I know my shoulder surgery took more than a year before I could trust the body part, otherwise I was very careful with shoulder movements. You may also benefit from Active Release Techniques Therapy. I avoided a second surgery and fixed a long term ulnar nerve issue in 2 sessions. Check here for more info:

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