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    Preferred time day for workout

    I personally have always preferred the afternoon/early evening if life permits to workout. I like this time as I feel I get a lot more out of it if I lift once I’ve already had at least 5 meals and plenty of carbs. I feel strong and full and can replenish with a decent meal or two afterwards also.

    If I’m cutting I will occasionally switch to morning workouts and/or faster cardio a meal or two after before hitting the weights depending on how the fat is coming off. With this schedule the only time for me to have carbs is before and after my weights workout. The rest of the day I keep protein moderate and fats fairly high and no carbs. Just depending where I’m at physique wise.

    But for my overall optimal growth when bulking I prefer the afternoon/evening lift. I eat anywhere between 5-8 meals per day depending how I need to manipulate my carbs and protein. Also I still do at least 10-20min hiit cardio 2-4 times a week during bulking while adding mass on the stair master or Airdyne bike to keep from adding on too much unwanted fat during the bulking process.

    What time of day is your preferred time for workouts when cutting and bulking?!

    Thanks in advance for your input!


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    I workout in the evenings simply because I can’t get my shit together first thing in the morning. I will switch to am fasted cardio then weight training in the evening during my cut.

    Sounds like you are doing Keto through your cut? I like that diet and will go back to it in a couple months.

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    Iím an evening guy myself. I feel dead in the AM until I fuel up and I have more time in the evening

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    I like going late. I haven’t ever been able to go early and if I do my workout sucks.

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    For me, it's in the morning. Around 5:30am. Gym is pretty empty, I should say the equipments are available. Only members that are there are the senior citizens. After, I feel energized for the rest of the day. After work, I can just relax.
    Take care.

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    Mid day for me because I tend to sleep in then take meds & supps, eat digest a little bit mix up my preworkout & bcaas & ready to go.

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    I tend to workout in the morning.. I get a lot of energy after and I know the workouts done. I would like to do the afternoons but my job and home life make that tough.

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    Cardio first thing in the morning. Then weights in the evening after work for me.

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    I have gone in the a.m. but it just seems like I’m a fish out of water type of deal.
    My favorite time to go is at nite after work. I like training after a hard days work, it helps me unwind.
    But I’ll be starting a new schedule where I’ll be working nite’s , so I’ll be hitting the gym around midday which will be fine for me !!!

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