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    Average Joe to Superman in one cycle?!

    I think this may be a reoccurring theme that we all see (I know for myself it definitely is).

    But something that is seen/heard way too often in gyms, on forums and social media etc is the severely underwhelming reaction to someone’s first cycle. This is when some fella jumps into his first ever AAA cycle utilizing simple compounds such as test only, Test/Dbol, or test/winny for his first cycle. The guy puts on a decent amount of muscle but nothing crazy (to go with little intracellular water), and then comes out upset at the end of his cycle. He is upset due to the fact he envisioned himself going into the cycle as average Joe Shmo and coming out as Ronnie Coleman and fully believed that he would have a complete transformation to look like an IFBB pro.

    If you have experienced this or know someone who ya expressed this let down type of feeling to you recently here are a few important things to consider:

    1. Is your gear fake or underdosed?

    We’d love to assume that everyone out there is up to good deeds but we need to remember that some people will be willing to scam you and take advantage of your desire to utilize AAS. Always make sure to utilize every resource and ask every question to attempt to ensure that your source is a good reliable AAS source. If you are one that is buying online than you have NO EXCUSE not to ask the right questions and get properly informed on a source with all the resources provided to you here as M&S!!!

    2. Did you enter into your cycle with a detailed & properly designed set of guidelines to follow to ensure optimal success?

    It is seen more often than not that a person will go rushing into a cycle full force with the only bit of planning/goal implementation being which compounds shall I use to get me to X goal weight/strength. But what is often overlooked in the process is diet, training methods, and Monitoring daily/weekly progression and making adjustments accordingly. In order to reach the kind of success and fulfillment you’d like to reach from your AAS cycle, please do yourself a favor and make yourself a clear/concise detailed plan and follow it without deviation!

    3. Did you really do your due diligence or you just kidding yourself?

    This can be tied in to the previous point that was mentioned. If you are entering into an AAS cycle and have not done extensive research on everything from the compounds utilized to diet/training methods, than how can you expect to have yield the optimal results you are looking to achieve?! Basic little steps like knowing full well about the proper AIs to utilize based on compounds used (such as in the case of needing to battle prolactin vs progesterone induced sides), injection frequency and proper dosages based on the half life of a specific compound, or how to do a develop and implement a proper and not effective PCT will assist you substantially in keeping away some very unwanted side effects while leading you more clearly to those results you're desiring, while all the while paving the road for you to maintain a
    Majority of your results once you come off your AAS cycle as well.

    4. What results were actually expected coming into the cycle?

    Are you the Add a few lean lbs of muscle while adding as minimal fat as possible reasonable type of guy or are you going in expecting to go from Joe Shmo to King Ronnie? Just to put that in perspective, many of whom enter into their first cycle truly believe that after one cycle they will be on the same level as the guy in their gym Incredible genetics who’s been using AAS for for 10+ years. Meanwhile this individually has VERY likely been utilizing a mix of injectables, orals, GH, peptides, and insulin to get them to the impressive size they are/strength they’ve acquired. Understand that it is ridiculous and a horrible gauge for measuring progress to compare yourself (if indeed a beginner in the gear world) to an individual who has been taking gear for 10x as long and utilized many different anabolic compounds. The body enhancement journey is just that a JOURNEY, not a quick trip.

    To conclude,
    I feel as though anyone embarking of a journey of physical self-improvement should be commended and should always set their sights and aim for their best possible results, but there is a strong need to be realistic with your goals/expectations. This doesn’t mean do not set difficult goals, just that you need to make these goes attainable based on the knowledge you should have on all things AAS/Diet/Training before even entering into the cycle. Going from an average build to a bodybuilding/fitness pro is a long journey filled with ups and downs and setbacks and resurgence that comes from first knowing the proper process and then trusting it to get you there eventually with the properly knowledges, planning, implementation and dedication.

    What do you guys think about these concepts for new AAS users and please feel free to add to this list as well?!


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    My son is 23, horrible diet. Maybe 80-100 protien a week. Trains pretty seriously, powerlifting/bodybuilding. 400mgs test cyp a week nothing else. 8 weeks in bench up 70lbs. his deadlift is up 130lbs. I used to be stronger than him in literally every lift. Now itys the other way around lol.

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