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Staright-up Kratom!

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Why use Straight-up Kratom?
We guarantee that our products are 100% organic and have the best quality on the market.
We stand behind our products and also make lab-tests in order to ensure high and safe quality.
We test our products regularly for contamination by pesticides,
heavy metals and perform challenge tests where our products are checked for microbial bacterial and fungal growth.
Also potency tests are made in order to ensure that all our products meet our standards.
We promise consistent quality due to our excellent quality-control.

Why our kratom?
At straightupkratom, we specialize in wholesale kratom leaves and powder.
Our company and warehouse is US-based and we stand behind our products!
Thanks to our strict quality control, we only offer the highest quality for the best value
We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranty within 7-days of receipt!

Try our products today! We offer bulk kratom kilos starting at 140 USD including free shipping.
Our warehouse is dispatching orders fast and efficiently.
No fancy names, no gimmicks and no BS, just high quality Kratom,
great customer service and a fair price.

Any questions? We have an experienced customer service team who are ready
to provide you fast and efficient help to any questions.

Please note: Our products are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Keep out of reach of children.