Eating the right diet can be tricky since there are so many ways to go about eating right.

If you are trying to become a bodybuilder the best way to eat would be with a high calorie and protein-rich diet. The bodybuilding diet is divided into two phases: bulking and cutting. In the bulking phase, you want to increase muscle mass in the bulking phase and reduce body fat in the cutting phase.

During the bulking phase, it can vary depending on what types of results you are trying to achieve since there are three types of bulking.

1. Healthy bulking: This consists of how much lean muscle you are trying to gain while being conscious of how much fat you are consuming. Examples of healthy bulking would consist of non-fat milk, steak, fruits, lean turkey, steak, rice, cottage cheese, pasta, lean chicken breast, and other healthy foods cooked in a healthy manner of course. This type of metabolism works best with people who have slow metabolisms.

2. Shortcut bulking (as I like to call it): Consists of packing on as much muscle mass without caring how much fat is consumed. It mainly has to do with how much junk/fast food you consume. This type of bulking only really works for people with a high metabolism, which is obviously the easiest diet to maintain.

3. Moderate bulking: This type of bulking is basically in-between the middle of the previous two types of bulking. Essentially it means you want to try to stay away from shortcut bulking but not completely. You would want to consume foods like tuna, fruits, steak, skim milk, breads, eggs, burgers that are not too greasy, low-fat yogurt, beans, chicken breast. This diet works best for people with moderate metabolisms.

You should bulk up until your body is about at 20% body fat, then thatís when you want to switch to the cutting phase. If you bulk for too long then you may develop stretch marks after you cut, and if you donít bulk sufficiently then you wonít develop much size for lean muscle mass.

People with high metabolisms should bulk for about 8 months since they have the most trouble gaining weight, plus they will lose the fat very quickly when they start cutting.

Secondly, People with a slow metabolism should bulk for about 5 months since they will reach 20% body fat in very little time. Cutting is also very hard for these people due to their slow metabolism.

Thirdly, people with a moderate metabolism should bulk for about 8 months since they have a natural ability to lose fat faster and develop lean muscle mass faster as well.