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    🔖 Training pro tip: avoid non-local fatigue

    We all know that you should not train the same muscle two days in a row ... but few people take into account that you can fatigue one muscle by training another, for example we can train arms and legs, and that leg training will be counterproductive.

    👨🏼*🔬 Explanation:

    ❕Muscle fatigue does not only occur due to biomechanical and biochemical processes, it also occurs due to neurological 🧠 processes.

    ❕The central nervous system is very complex, and the nervous connections between each muscle group is even more complex 🤯, therefore several muscles can be connected to each other.

    📝What to do?

    ❕Plan the muscle groups 💪🏻 per session.

    ❕If we do a PPL routine, change ↪️ the order of the muscle groups in each session.

    ❕Prioritize the weak muscle groups first 👌🏻.

    For more tips like this, visit our private channel:

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    Good info man.Thanks for the great tip.

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