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    Humatrope Lilly 72 IU's new Batch 2023 with Holograpic Security Sticker

    Due to the huge of replicas of legitimate HGH brands from China (the replicas are generic hgh but could never compare to the quality and strength of the original) Lilly wants to ensure their authenticity with a new batch with Holographic Security stickers in their boxes...

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    Hope Pfizer and Merck do the same thing soon with Genotropin and Saizen....

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    f you think you are going to get real HGH in its original packaging without a prescription in the USA or Canada from domestic delivery then you are very naive. You can see for yourself how all the basic devices without labels are sold on Alibaba from China only for anyone who wants to fake any HGH… genuine products are highly restricted in their countries of origin however anyone with a prescription doc fake could get but would never pass US or Canadian customs in original packaging…if you are lucky you just bought generic HGH at the price of the original, just another form of scam.

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