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    Antihistamines ugh

    So I have a splitting headache and all kinds of debilitating shit from allergies this time of year.
    I've read about how horrible antihistamines are for muscle, and I believe it.

    Does anyone know if being on var and test constantly is going to offset what antihistamines do to your system?

    400mg test weekly, on for life, occasionally drop to 250 a week.

    I'd love any thoughts or evidence on this.

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    I've heard the same thing about antihistamines, but I personally think the affect it would have on your gains/recovery would be negligible. A study found that the antihistamines affected muscle recovery because histamine recruits immune cells to the muscle to help repair damage. However, the study was performed using two different antihistamines taken at the same time using twice the average dose.

    I think you should be fine if taking one at the normal does occasionally to alleviate allergy symptoms. I take them occasionally this time of year as well.

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